Get object created in the previous month via a SCE

Hi, I’m trying to retrieve all object created in the previous month. The microflow triggering the logic will be in a SCE…  So “on the first of each month I want a list of all the object created in the previeous month”.   Any idea? Thanks!
2 answers

Hi Jeremie,

  1. Create a variable with the first day of the previous month as a date
  2. Retrieve your objects using this date combined with [%BeginOfCurrentMonth%]


Step 1:


Step 2:

XPath should be like this:

createdDate >= $StartOfMonth and 
createdDate < [%BeginOfCurrentMonth%]



Yes, working with the begin of current month works for me.

The possibility that the combination  march 31 and februay 28 were going to be problematic  was bugging me but using the current month istead of the current day does solve it :)