Problem changing attribute via loop json rest call list

Hello, I have created a rest call (get) which is invoked with a button through a microflow. I have tried it and the rest call works and retrieves data and maps it to an entity called Tenders with four attributes called PublicatieId of type Integer which is also key, AanbestedingNaam of type string, AanbestedendeDienstNaam of type string, Europees of type boolean. The objects that are created via the rest call have an attribute called ‘PublicatieId’ that is unique for each object and is needed to construct an URL for each object. I need to have another attribute in the same entity Tenders that will will contain the constructed URL and will be called TendernedLink, and this attribute will be of type string and needs to contain a string that is constructed like this: (of course PublicatieId should be swapped with the actual value of the attribute PublicatieId of type Integer that is retrieved in the restcall). I will show you some screenshots of the situation to clarify. importmapping json object   output rest call   loop   error loop I have tried to change to use the output of the rest call and I think I'm working in the right direction, but I'm a bit stuck. The problem is that I'm quite new in Mendix and I don't know how I can fix this. I would really like some help to solve this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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You are almost there. The function you are using now is that you change the list by adding or removing objects. Change that in Change object action where you change the Iterator24 and fill the attribute Tendernetlink with the value that you now placed inside the changeList action.




  1. Have a constant for the link (first parts of the link)
  2. Use change object activity for the object IteratorTenders24
  3. Change the attribute TendernedLink: ConstantValue + PublicatieId
  4. Commit your list of object outside the loop with commit activity