Error Creating Object with blank date

I have a microflow that basically takes interim objects that are imported via excel and turns them into a permanent objects, however it seems to run into an error when trying to set the value of one attribute which is a date/time value which is empty.  this is the change item value for this object in the microflow it sets the new object date value to…         parseDateTime($Interim/Date, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm') my idea was to change it to  if $interim/date=empty then blank else parseDateTime($Interim/Date, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm') but im running into an issue with my else statement, my guess is because its looking for a date value and blank wouldnt meet that qualification. Does anyone have any idea why im getting this issue or if its an issue with my If statement?
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is the attribute Interim/Date a string attribute?  If it is a date attribute, you don’t need the parseDateTime function.

if it is a string attribute, you may want to change your if statement to:

if $interim/date = empty or $interim/date = ''
  parseDateTime($interim/date, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm')

Note that an empty string ( ‘’ ) is different than having no value ( empty ) in the attribute.

If you still get an error, you’ll want to debug this and see what the value of $interim/date is.  My guess would be that there is a mismatch between the pattern you are providing to parseDateTime and the value in $interim/date.