Question : Call micro flow after a file is downloaded / update field after file is downloaded !!

My client want to be able to know if an upload file has been downloaded by other yet. I am trying to solve this by adding a boolean to the file entity and update it after someone click download.  I am using a custom entity ( ie : MyFile ) generalize as System.FileDocument and using the FileManager to upload/download.  My problem is I can’t seem to find a way to call some flow after an user click download. Is there anyway/otherway to solve this?  p/s I am using mendix studio pro 8.10.2
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Hi Xuan,

Instead of using file manager widget to download a file, create a microflow button for users to download the file. In the microflow you can perform your required business logic (such as set the boolean to true etc.) and in the end of the microflow use download file action.

Hope this helps!