Microflow should call only one time when user logins and not on every refresh

Hello All,  i want to call an API when user logs in into the application via SSO (SAML),i created microflow IVK_Home and add rest API activity and show page (Homepage) activity in microflow.  i added this microflow  in navigation for default home page. The issue is every time user refreshes homepage this microflow has been called and API is also called. Please let me know the best place (Microflow) to call API from where it will only calls once when user login and not on refresh page. I tried to call this API in ASU (After startup) microflow but this is not working.   Please suggest on this.   Thanks, Aayushi      
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Hi Aayushi,

You can try to add it in SAML CustomUserProvisioning microflow or check out SignIn microflow for Mx7 / Mx8 module from app store.


Hope this helps!