Exporting Data with the Excel Export App

Stuck again in the Academy material. I’m working through the Importing and Exporting Your Data course and come to a bit of a block on 7.3.2 section 13 which asks for teh creation of a microflow that gets the products and associates them with the document that is going to be exported. I get what we is trying to be achieved, but have got stuck actually implementing it. I’m trying to find a step-through for creating a similar type of microflow. The Excel Export documentation that I have found only alludes to the fact that without such a microflow, the exporter will export an empty document. I have jumped from the Rapid Developer Course (Analyst) to this module so may have missed a handy walkthrough if there is one in the academy. I believe I have managed to get the correct parts of the functionality down but am a little perplexed as to how I create the associations in the ‘Change’ activity.  Has anyone got any pointers?
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Hi Brian,

You are just setting the associations in the ‘Change’ activity and not creating it. You have to always create associations in your domain model but need to set an association in your microflow. E.g. EntityA is associated to EntityB (one to many), this is what you defined in your domain model but when you create the object in a microflow you have to set the association either in ‘Create’ or ‘Change’ activity.

In your learning path you are creating association (Product_ProductExcelDocument) in 7.3.2 section 2 and in section 13 you are just retrieving all the products that already exist in the database and use ‘Change’ activity in the loop to set the association to ProductExcelDocument. 


Hope this helps!