Adding multiple aggregate function to a column in a data grid.

Hi All, I have ten columns in my data grid and I want to add aggregate functions like Count,Sum and average to it’s 5 columns.For this I enable a tooltip page in the data grid and the required 5 columns.This page has three links i.e count , sum and average which will call the respective microflows. Let’s say , I mouse hover to first col and select sum link, it will call “sum” flow. The flow will first check condition which is the value of an enum type attribute . This value is nothing but the name of these 5 cols. The flow will show the “sum “ on a page for a col which satisfy the condition. Then it will change the value of enum to next col.So if I now click this “sum” link it will show the result for second col. The problem is I m doing it in a sequence manner but  practically it should be done independently.I want  to add these 3 functions to each of these 5 columns. Can anyone suggest me any way to do it. Thanks in anticipation.
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Any specific reason why you want to use the tooltip for that? Because it is far easier to rightclick the column and choose Aggregate function.