Pre setting a value on a reference selector based on selection in a previous Enum attribute

Hello Experts I have an entity ‘A’ with multiple attributes and one of it is an Enumeration ‘AE1’. I have another entity ‘B’ with 2 String attributes ‘BA1’, BA2’.  In my UI, I have the Enumeration attribute ‘AE1’ followed by a reference selector pointing to attribute ‘BA1’ of entity B. When I select  value 1 on my ‘AE1’ enumeration, I would like to preset my reference selector with one particular value and made it non editable. I am able to make it non editable with Visibility condition BUT having trouble pre-setting a value on it.  When I select  value 2 on my ‘AE1’ enumeration, I would like to keep the reference selector editable and let users select a value in there. I created a microflow on Change of  ‘AE1’ enumeration attribute and in here, I tried to retrieve the entity ‘B’ and set the value for attribute ‘BA1’ on my screen. However, this isnt working since I get an empty object at this point when I retrieve the entity ‘B’. What am I doing wrong here? Any advise helps.   Thanks in advance Madhavi
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Hi Madhavi,

Maybe put two referenece selectors in the form?

The first one is visible only when AE1 contains value 1 and is non-editable.

The second one is visible only when AE1 contains value 2 and is editable.

I hope this helps.