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Hi everyone, I am trying to add a scheduled event to my application that exports data from a data grid weekly. I have tried using the MxModeler and ExcelExporter from the mendix app store, but after following the instructions for how to use these modules, when I try to use them in a test application, I get an error stating “An error occured, please contact your system administrator”.   Does anyone know what could be causing this error, or how to call the “ExportToExcel” button with a scheduled event. Thank you! Jon   Editted: Here are some screenshots of what I am working with. I am trying to follow these  instructions. This is the error I am receiving.  I’ve tried to add a location object as a parameter to the “ExportLocationToExcel” microflow, but cannot get this to work either.  These are what the microflows look like before trying to add a location object.     And this is the domain model. Thank you for the help.   Edit #2:     I already have excel exporter downloaded. I followed the instructions in the link I sent below. In the previous edit, as the input object, I just had “exportDoc” which is what the instructions on Mendix said to use. However, since the error log said that it was expecting a location object as the input object, I tried to create a location object in the ExportLocationToExcel microflow, and passed it to ExcelWriteMicroflow microflow (not very well named microflows).  Below is the error message I get when I do this.             Below are screenshots of my template.   Thank you! Edit #3:     Edit #4:   Edit #4:  
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I think in your Export Template, you need to have ExportDoc as the Sheet Input Object and Location as the row object.  Currently, Location as the Sheet Input Object and ExportDoc as the row object.

Once you make this change (you’ll probably need to create a new sheet as Excel Exporter templates don’t allow you to change the Sheet Input Object after a sheet is saved), you’ll need to change your microflow so that you pass in $ExportDoc as the Input Object in the Java action GenerateExcelDoc.

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Jon – your Java action should still look like this:

Where it needs to be changed is here


You need the ExcelExporter to do this. But you need to check the logs to get the details of the error. Edit your post with the error you got in the console. With that we can help you further.



The logs are telling you that you pass the wrong object. Can you share what your template looks like? Could it be that you defined the wrong object there? What did you set as your row object?