Creation of tokens for use in the Email Template module using MxModelReflection references

Hello, I would like to initialise tokens for use in an email template using a microflow to reduce the setup required by admins once deployed. Is this possible or does it have to be done whilst the app is running due to the dependencies on MxModelReflections and synchronising entities? Thanks in advance
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Please, could you explain what do you mean with ‘initialise the token’? Do you mean to create a template by microflow?


Hi Luke,

You could create tokens needed for your Email Template in ASU. 

In my application I have a TaskToken which has to be filled with Task name when sending email to users.

This I have called in my ASU. Ofcourse MxModel reflection should be working. 

Then replace your tokens when sending email. I have a module called TokenReplacer in my project. Not sure if it is available in Appstore or if it is inbuilt.

This is how I have done this and its working fine.

Hope this helps.