Export to Excel not working anymore after Mendix update to 9.23

Hi!   So we decided to upgrade our app from 9.21 to 9.23, as well as all the marketplace modules etc. During the testing of the upgrade, turns out that the Excel export and import do not work anymore. They return similar errors: 12:13:40 PMAPPCRITICALActionManager: Error in execution of monitored action 'RegularClientAction' (execution id: 1680084820021-157, execution type: CLIENT) 12:13:40 PMAPPINFOjava.lang.NoSuchFieldError: Factory 12:13:40 PMAPPCRITICALM2EE: An unhandled error occurred in the MxRuntime. 12:13:40 PMAPPINFOjava.lang.NoSuchFieldError: Factory   After looking through some forum questions etc., decided to follow some advice such as removing duplicate versions of the same userlib files, but still got the same errors.   The templates that we have in the exporter have the document type Excel 2007-higher and worked fine with Mendix 9.21. The only way that the exporter would work after the upgrade to 9.23 is when we create new templates with the Excel 97-2003 document type and use those to export. My question is, does anyone know why this happens (as not being able to export a newer document type after an upgrade sounds quite counterintuitive), and is there any more maintainable solution than just making new templates with the older document type version?
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