XLSReport Add Extra header line?

I'm using XLSExporter and everything is working as expected. I have headers on line 1 and the data starting from line 2.    Is there a way to make the headers start at row 2, and to add a static header in line 1? For example the header row is currently spitting out  9 columns (val 1, val 2, val e, 3tc), but I wanted the first line to be hard coded to say "Group 1" in the first cell, then "Group 2" in the 4th cell, etc.    Ultimately the consumers want the output in a certain way, but they have to do these extra steps to format the spreadsheet after it comes from XLSExporter
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You should be able to do this with Static Data in your export template.  You can find the documentation here:  https://docs.mendix.com/appstore/modules/excel-exporter/#static-data-tab

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