Excel Exporter on calculated attribute

Hi all! I am using the Excel Exporter module and have got a problem with exporting calculated (via microflow) fields of entities. It runs into an error, whose stack trace begins with an error during execution of an InternalOqlTextGetRequest and later down the line says that the object doesn’t contain the column corresponding to the calculated value. I know that calculated values can be tricky sometimes (like not filterable or sortable) but that should in principle not apply here, or am I wrong? Is there some kind of workaround? I need to process some fields for the readable export file (like convert a boolean true into a string ‘x’ or get captions of an enumeration). It works fine when there are no calculated attributes in the template. Thank you in advance!
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Hi David,

I’m assuming you are trying to export the same entity that you are storing your info in, maybe in your case you need to have another export entity that will have the attributes types needed and to process the data from your entity to the export entity and change how the value will be appearing in a different way for the boolean and enum caption or calculated then export the export entity.