Excel Importer - Import Object Parameter Usage

Hi all! I want to use Excel Importer to let the users of my app input objects in bulk. The objects would need to get flagged depending on the context, for which I thought of copying the importing microflow from the ExcelImporter Module and reusing it in a slightly modified version: adding a parameter to the microflow and then somehow add this parameter to a specific field in every imported object. As far as I have come, I think the “Import Object Parameter” option in the java call sets the specified variable from inside the microflow context to the reference defined as “Reference to import objects” in the template. So far so good, I can import the excel file and get the success message with the number of imported rows. But I can’t find the new objects anywhere and it seems to me as if at some point in the import process, the changes have been reverted. I found the following thread https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/105280 which should help me with the problem, but the suggested solution doesn’t work. So my question is first of all, is my understanding of the subject correct or do I have an underlying erroneous assumption? And secondly, what is the error? Why do the objects not appear anywhere even though the message says, that they have been imported successfully? Thank you very much in advance!
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Hi David,


  • Double check your excel import configuration. You could try to configure an import with only one entity, one attribute. If that works you can expand the configuration. 
  • Check your security settings. Do you have the read/write access on the entity and attributes?
  • Check the logging in your console, maybe there is a hint.