Incorrect configuration of TreeTable?

Hi. I’m fairly new to Mendix, and I am trying to use the TreeTable widget, downloaded from the marketplace. I have created domain model that looks exactly like the one shown in the documentation, and added some data to the application using microflows. The tree looks fine, and I am able to expand and collapse the nodes. However, there is a problem when I use buttons connected to each node, either as buttons above the tree, or as inline buttons. When I click a node, it gets selected, and the “Add Child” button appears above the tree. All good there. But when I click the button, the following error message appears:                   Why? The contents of the microflow doesn’t seem to run. In any case, adding a breakpoint to the first element of the flow does not make the debugger appear. I guess I have a wrong configuration, but what? I’ll be really grateful for any help here. Thanks, Hallvard P.S. Sorry about the sizes of the images in this post. The web site doesn’t seem to be able to resize them.   And here are the details: The microflow run by the “Add Child” button: The microflow used by the button contains a SelectionHelper object as parameter, and I think this creates the error. However, I cannot understand why this is a problem. The rest of the microflow just concatenates the titles of the selected nodes, and shows it to the user as a dialog message.   My domain model     My configuration: I use the “whole tree” option, XPath as data source, a boolean attribute to identify the root node, and the “self-link” as child reference. The “Helper entity” is SelectionHelper (under the “Helper” tab), the “Reference to context” is the link from the SelectionHelper to the View table and “Reference to Node entity” is the link to the Node table. All other configurations is identical to that of the documentation.     The “Common” and “Appearance” tabs are not changed.      
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It seems the problem was in the page containing the TreeTable. I gave it a node, but it needed a View. Case closed.