Working with App Store Modules/Excel Importer

I’m new to Mendix and don’t have much in the way of coding background. I managed the Rapid Developer Course (Analyst) without too much difficulty and wanted to expand on what I might achieve by looking at the Importing and Exporting Your Data learning path but have found there has been quite a jump in the assumed platform knowledge. I am struggling with getting to grips with things like creating an extension module and moving a copy of the Store App into this for making changes (i.e following best practice) as well as some the finer points of working with the importer and MX Model Reflection. Can anyone point me to step-by-step walkthrough with setting up and configuring a Store App? – I’m thinking working through one example and getting to grips with it could help here..
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Congratulations on beginning your Mendix journey!

Have you had a look at this How To:



Best practice for using app store modules:

  • NEVER change or add anything to an app store module.  This ensures that you can upgrade to new future versions of the module with minimal effort
  • you can use pages / snippets / microflows etc. anywhere in your app as long as you don’t change them
  • if you need to change pages / snippets / microflows, make a copy of these and place the copy in a module of your own (I typically have a single module that I use for these copies, with a folder for each module and the copied objects inside of the folder)
  • if you need to extend entities in a module, create a specialization of the module entity in one of your modules
  • many modules have Use Me folders which will give you a good starting point (Excel Importer does), and/or and Example folder (Excel Import has this too)

Let me know if you have any questions or anything is not clear.