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Hi Everyone, I am facing difficulty in configuring a custom email template body with token values within the mail body. Can someone please guide me in same.   I want to add custom body content like Hi {%To%} , You have received a mail .   so here in place of {%To%} i want to show receiver’s name.I have used place holders but its not populating the value.
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Amrish – please use the “PLACEHOLDER” tab to define “Tokens” using the Mx Model Reflection module:

Define the token {%TO%} and {%from%} and map it to an object and attribute that you will need to pass on in the microflow that sends the email…

I do recommend to study documentation and webinars on how to use the Mx Model Reflection tokenizer features.

Regards & good luck, Boris


Please, could share some detailed information about your problem?


Please find the image above i am not getting values in the text marked with yellow border color.