TypeError: Cannot read property toLowerCase of null

Hi, We're experiencing a weird issue in one of our production environments (Mx 7.5.1). A few users get a blank screen after (successfully) logging in. Debugging the flow that sends the users to their home screen does not show anything out of the ordinary, all objects are correctly present and the show page is eventually triggered. We do find the following error in the browser console though: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null at mxui.js?636674290948582940:15 The line of code it gets stuck on is this part: var t = A.map(window.mx.session.getUserRoles("Name"), function(t) { return "role-" + t.toLowerCase() }); The users all have several roles that are identical to a LOT of other users that are not experiencing these issues. Running an OQL query also returns the names of all the associated roles. The application in question has room for 500 named users and is currently on 360-ish named users right now. I'm hoping someone knows what's going on or has experienced this in the past and was able to fix it. Thanks in advance, [Edit #2] Restarting the environment seemed to fix it. As to why? No idea. Mendix is researching the issue. [Edit] We've found that the XAS get_session_data does not properly return one of the roles' attributes (the following is just part of the response): "roles": [{ "objectType": "System.UserRole", "guid": "4503599627370697", "hash": "AKObh/v1+WdstAtBiLNOVt8rY3f5vfoQFjBXWvT2tc4=", "attributes": {} }, { "objectType": "System.UserRole", "guid": "4503599627370499", "hash": "RvKh29/KQs+tMhXe2In/hdiyExSUvOU4/zTQzTpgWuE=", "attributes": { "Description": { "value": null, "readonly": true }, "Name": { "value": "Onderneming", "readonly": true } } }, { "objectType": "System.UserRole", "guid": "4503599627370500", "hash": "aEMw17eFujSadf5zeZCFjsK9ScNGXLpPwH5s1wAus8s=", "attributes": { "Description": { "value": "Geregistreerde gebruiker", "readonly": true }, "Name": { "value": "GeregistreerdeGebruiker", "readonly": true } } }, { "objectType": "System.UserRole", "guid": "4503599627371597", "hash": "rS0pKfOkgMdEIRSAaelRP65AvXlGpmGVmZ3zp1F4mIY=", "attributes": { "Description": { "value": null, "readonly": true }, "Name": { "value": "RegUserCK", "readonly": true } } }, { "objectType": "System.UserRole", "guid": "4503599627371598", "hash": "/HCh8utxHE/+TaEv/oIgmvM+AEVfgutNN8N0yIeAGVI=", "attributes": { "Description": { "value": null, "readonly": true }, "Name": { "value": "RegUserIntermidiate", "readonly": true } } } ] OQL query for this guid does return the attributes, so something is off here. I have opened a ticket with Mendix.
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Do different users have different homepages?

ie. could it be that a faulty widget on the specific homepage causes the page to not load?