How do I troubleshoot RefreshClass?

Is there any documentation on troubleshooitng the RefreshClass java action? I've got it working in a microflow that is called from several pages within my app, all of which have the same class (Account) as the enclosing data view. This is also the one I'm trying to refresh.   On the page that works the hierarchy is: User's own account, passed as parameter to page > Template grid of related accounts via XPath > Microflow to retrieve/transform account info > Information to be refreshed On the page that does not work the hierarchy is: Other user's account, passed as parameter to page > Microflow to retrieve/transform account info > Information to be refreshed.   The retrieve/transform microflow  is the same in both cases, and the series of dialogues and microflows that lead to the refresh are also identical. What can I do to debug this situation? It's pretty frustrating as there are many places in our app that we'd like to refresh data without refreshing the page.   EDIT: Uploaded screenshots of pages First screenshot - the functioning page - Account (page parameter) = current user - Templategrid = list of other user accounts by XPath - AccessStatus microflow - creates a non-persistent entity which has attributes detailing whether the current user and other user can access each other's information - this is the information which is being changed, with the UI updating to reflect different statuses. Has a 1-1 connection to the other user's account so some of their information is visible too. This is not being updated.   Second screenshot - non-functioning page Account: other user's account Access Status microflow - as above GetEnclosingAccount, profile photo, etc. - all the same in both pages
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Sounds like it could be a permissions issue.  Does the user who is viewing Other User's Account have rights to manage that user?  If not, can you (temporarily) enable that and see if the issue is resolved then?


I understand your response, but from a Mendix perspective, viewing information about users and committing a user entity are 2 distinct things from a security perspective.  Just to eliminate the possibility that security is the cause of this issue, can you login as a user who has rights to manage all users and see if the problem is still there?  I've included a screen shot of the type user I think you should login as below: