Sending data to Insights Hub (Mindsphere)

Hi,   I want to be able to send data to my asset(s) on Insights Hub so i can change these ints using my mendix application.   these are the names of my assets:   And i hve been trying to do a PUT request to change to send the data on insights hub. Using this URL: '' + '/api/iottimeseries/v3' + '/timeseries/' + $AppContext/SelectedAssetId + '/Node_Red_Testing_Data_Aspect' The PUT call uses this export mapping: And when I run it I get error code 415: unsuported media type.   But I can't really find anything about sending data to insights hub (mindsphere), only about reading.    1. Is it possible to send data this way?       if yes: what am I doing wrong?         if no: then how do I send data to my asset(s)?
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Have you added a Content-Type header to your request?