How to execute BAPI using JCO

Hi,everyone. I am thinking of deploying an application created with Mendix to SAP Cloud Platform. In that case, I'm trying to execute the BAPI implemented in S/4 on-premises from that application using JCO. When using JCO, it is necessary to hold the connection destination in the jcoDestination file and read that information. Where should I place the file? Also, when I try to create a file during the process, an error occurs when creating the file. Please let me know if there is another best way.
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Not sure about how this goes for SAP Cloud Platform, but I did this once for on premise SAP with JCO. I added the jar/dll files to the ‘userlib’ folder and after this it went fine. If you need to place a file somewhere as a resource within a Mendix application, then the ‘resources’ folder is the path to put this in.