Embedding a link in javascript action

Hi everyone, I have very little javascript experience, and I am trying to embed a link in an email in a javascript action, but it is not formatting the way I want it to. I just want the link to say for example “link”. Below is how the javascript code and what is produced from it.          Does anyone know how to resolve this, or perhaps know another solution?    Thank you! Jon Cohen
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If you need to send an email, have you considered using E-Mail module with templates from the app store?

You may find it easier than trying to craft it using JavaScript as you create a template in your app and let Mendix populate it using tokens and then send it out.


Hi Johnathan,

See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML/Introduction_to_HTML/Creating_hyperlinks#E-mail_links

Adding some html tags is not possible https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5620324/mailto-link-with-html-body

For security reasons and compatibility it will probably not allowed.  (Not all email client do support HTML bodies when this spec was written)

For mobile the Web Share API is use full, though it has no desktop support.  Maybe you can combine it with the mail to link...