Passing object without providing Entity Type

Let’s say my object is of type ‘Vehicle’ and can have 15 different entity types(Car, Bike, Truck etc). I’m looking for a way that doesn’t let me use the action ‘Object Type Decision’ and provide 15 outcoming flows every time I need to determine whether ‘Vehicle’ is of type ‘Car’. I know how to do this when I know that the globalized entity is always of type ‘Vehicle’ But I want the Java Action also to be used with other globalized entity types. If I use a Java Action Parameter and choose ‘Object’, it is required to provide an ‘Entity Type’. Is there a way to pass an object without providing an Entity Type (and let Java handle all the logic around this)? Or am I looking in the wrong place for this?
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You are looking for the Type parameter. See the documentation here:

You can then specify in your microflow which object to pass.