Certificates from Mendix environment

Hi Team , I am working on an application where i have a java function written that is authenticating  the  login with the help of certificates and passowrd , Certificates are currently stored locally in system . But as we want each user to access those certificates we had put those certificates on cloud (Mendix environment ). Now i need help in accessing those certificates by Java . Can some one help me how can i access those certificates . I have tried : certificates = Core.getConfiguration().getClientCertificates();  passwords = Core.getConfiguration().getClientCertificatePasswords(); But no luck . Our backend team told us that these certificates are in environment variables . Can some help me with the process with accessing environment variables from java.
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Hi Shivam,

Not really my expertise but maybe the SAML module in the appstore is a starting point for this. It has a class called CertifcateHandler and maybe gives some clues to go about this.

Or perhaps use the SAML module as it can handle many different types of delegated authentication.