Display Array List in mendix

Hi , I have a custom java action which does some data interpretation and stores the result in a arraylist<String> format  for example Arraylist<String> arr = new ArrayList<String> arr[0] = A,B,C arr[1] = D,E,F  …….. and so on  Now i want to display this data in mendix in a table format. Please tell me how to do it    Thanks and Regards    
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One simplest option I can think of, given I saw you are handling string type

  1. You could consider each arraylist as an entity
  2. And all the items in your arraylist as columns
  3. Use datagrid in a page to show the entity list created in step 1 with columns in datagrid as attributes


Above is with the assumption that the number of items in your array is defined or always same.

But there could be numerous other ways to do, purely based on your business requirement.