How to use external jar file in eclipse to execute the Java Action ?

Im trying to insert External Jar file in Eclipse to execute the required java action in mendix. I tried but it is getting removed from the Eclipse every time when I Run the application in mendix. So I tried another way to insert the Jar File into Eclipse then I copy the Jar.file directly into userlib in mendix file path. But It showing in Eclipse like this….    Eclipse   But I observed that in userlib folder for each jar.file there is an individual jar.Required File .   userlib    But I have only jar.file , So is that the reason my jar.file is not execute in eclipse because of not having the jar.Required File ????   Any one Pls help me..!!  
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Hi Naveen, 

You should place the external JARs in the user lib folder of your project.

Please find the screenshot for your reference 

Then deploy the project in eclipse. It will never vanish again 


I hope this helps you 





You needs to add jar files in build path using add external jar button so 


Hi Naveen,

1)Go to Maven Repository: Search/Browse/Explore (
2)download the corresponding jar file.
3)copy the jar file to your Mendix project /userlib folder.


Or Try with above Javith Answer. I think both should work.


Hi, First delete the project from eclipse. Add the jar file in userlib folder. Then synchronize the changes via modeler. Deploy the project in eclipse again. 


The naming of the .jar file suggests it is for Java 16 which is not compatible with Mendix. Mendix uses Java 11 so have a look to see if there is a version of the .jar file for that version of Java.

Hope this helps.