After-startup action failed

The new application fails to run. Please check the Jabil Starter App for any issues  
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Hi Dillon,

I see that in the new version of the Starter App template they added an After Start Up Microflow call located in the Core module, and the first issue that I see is with the error log node “MSGraph Connector: Request Token”, which contains the following details:

This error message contains the following There was an error requesting the access token.
Error Message: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

To solve this particuar issue you need to import the certificate “Jabil Enterprise ICA 1” into your Mendix Project.

You can find this certificate from MS Graph with the DevTools from your browser, in the Security settings and download the certification that I previously stated.

If errors persist, you may need to check if you need to fill the constants in the “Jabil_Okta_Custom” module and the folder “2 Configuration”.


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