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Fix found for an issue in OIDC SSO Module (Login looping problem)


Hello everyone,

With the release of Mendix Studio Pro 10 and the Jabil Wiki entry that states that “All in development projects will be migrated to upcoming major version 10” (This entry was changed, as version 9.24 LTS should be used for now instead), our team has decided to migrate one of the in development apps into the newer version. And with that, we have found out a bug that currently exists in the OIDC SSO module version 2.1.1.

This bug is related to browser cookies and is present in published applications only (this problem is not present locally). The issue that we found is now described in the following Wiki entry with the fix included in there, and hopefully it may get patched in newer versions for the OIDC SSO module. We opened up a ticket with Mendix Support so that their team can look into it.

If you are not using version 10 of Mendix and you still have this problem, you probably will only need to update the module (and check other modules too) as it seems like the versions between 9.20 and below 10 are working fine without the fix that we made.

I hope this helps anyone that may be having the same issue, regards!

Update: the issue has now been fixed in the v.2.2.0 update

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