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MX Studio Pro update to LTS/MTS 9.24.3



·         Mendix frequently releases updates to Mendix Studio Pro to add new functionality and correct bugs

·         The version of Mendix Studio Pro on your computer must match the version of the Mendix application you're opening

·         You can have multiple versions of Mendix Studio Pro installed on your computer at the same time

·         We have live applications and ones being developed in at least 8 different versions of Mendix


The Mendix CoE recommends that applications get upgraded to 9.24.3 as follows:

·         Applications that are in UAT or are already live should be upgraded to the recommended version as part of the next release


Benefits of upgrading:

·         It is easier for the CoEs to provide support if the application is on the recommended version.


How to upgrade:

·         Mendix Studio Pro version 9.24.3 will be available in the Software Center for you to download from June 19th. If you have admin rights on your computer, you can install it now from

o    Please make sure everyone developing the application has 9.24.3 installed before you upgrade the application.


Side-effects of the upgrade:      


Let’s talk! You can reach us in different ways:

·         Engage the Jabil Mendix community in our private space: (you must log into Mendix first, so it knows you’re associated with Jabil)


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