How do I deploy a Standard environment for my developers

Hello there,   My developers are asking to setup a better environment to test an application we are developing. Currently they are using “Free App in Mendix Cloud”. We completed the process to import all the case_data ( ~130K ) in our local setting but it is failing in the sandbox as the free version offers limited resources. I need to setup an environment in Mendix Standard Cloud for us to proceed with testing. I was informed that as an ISV I already have access to the Standard level. I am just not aware on how to transfer the development of an application from the Free environment to the Standard Environment. Thanks for pointing me on the right direction.    
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Hi Andre!

Great question. I spot a few topics to cover:

  • How do I request a licensed cloud environment?
  • How do I link my application to a cloud node?

Requesting a licensed cloud environment

As an ISV partner, you can request a licensed cloud environment by using the provisioning form that was a part of the welcome email.

Linking an application to a licensed cloud node

After deploying your app as a ‘Free app’ to the Mendix Cloud, it’s possible to link the app to a licensed cloud node by following the steps mentioned here.

You mentioned that you have already started importing case data into your free app, and I can imagine that you do not want to lose your progress. I would recommend creating a backup and downloading it before starting the process of linking your app to a licensed cloud node. Additional information on downloading backups can be found here.

Running your app on a licensed cloud node has advantages in comparison to running your app as a ‘Free app’ on the Mendix Cloud. Details on the differences can be found here.


I’m curious to hear if you’re able to continue development with this information.