POST request returns error 403

Hello! I have a problem when i try to post. I read the answer to another same question where the problem was fixed ( and did everything it said, but I still have the same problem. Please, could anybody help?  
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I see an issue in your request. After you get a response with a header called


you should be passing it as a header in the next request as just




Hey Judith,


I don’t have an answer right away, but when debugging REST services, I find it helpful to recreate everything in Postman. That way i can manually set all keys and values and also solely focus on the REST call.

Once managed to get it running manually, I reproduce it in Mendix.


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If possible, contact the party that you are posting to. 403 is the http-standard response for authentication issues, but they can actually set it themselves (I agree, it’s unlikely). Also, they will probably be able to verify if your credentials are valid or not.

And Tom’s way is also good. Next to that, you might prefer SOAP over Postman, or (I don’t know your background) even prefer curl.

***Edited, since your call is fine from Postman. ***

Now check out the log by in StudioPro going to Console=>Advanced=>Set log levels. Find ‘Rest Consume’ and set the level to ’Trace’. Do the rest-call again and you will see extra lines in the log. See if they tell you more.


Doing the rest-call, I get the following results. It seems that the problem is in the token, but I don’t understand why.

Request content:


Response content:


This is the Postman request: