Stripe checkout integration on Mendix

Hi has anybody used the checkout stripe on Mendix ? Api intégration seems easy but checkout window more complex. Many thanks for your help 
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Vincent, have you succeeded in implementing this? Started trying this myself and it would be nice to team up on this.

Steps I took:

  1. Get an account at
  2. Setup your account providing your information and have a look at for setting up payment links for fixed amounts
  3. Do a test payment, still in stripe
  4. Now in your app:
  5. Post to location “” with Header key “Authorization” with value “Bearer_yourkey”, in tab Request:
  6. In tab Response catch the response and create an importmapping for it.

Ok, so now you can enter an amount and save it, but still to send it to Stripe. Don’t have the time to complete the manual, but have a look at their docs:,, and


according to this doc, it is supposed to be trivial to implement 
Cant find any documentation other then this though :(