Building a chart by using an excel spreadsheet

Good morning. how is it possible to create a chart line by using data from an excel spreadsheet? Because I can find only descriptions of bulding list views, which are based on spreadsheets. Is my plan possible at all? Thanks for your help!
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Hi, yes this is possible.

First you will have to retrieve the data into your application with the excel import module for example:

Then you can display this data using a line chart widget:



Thanks for the quick answer.

I would like to create a key figure cockpit with Mendix, which should display bar charts and line charts. These diagrams are supposed to be based on the data of an Excel spreadsheet.

I understand that installing the Excel Importer is the first step, but what happens next? How do I tell the charts to use certain columns from my Excel spreadsheet?

Can you or the community give me some advice on how to do this?