Where a Signature is stored as an image?

Hi all! So I’m trying to create an app where someone can add a signature in a page.  I’m using the signature widget I found on the app store. My scope is to add this image on a pdf file but I cannot understand how to add it and also where is it stored.  Do you have any suggest? Maybe another trick for this scope? 
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Assuming a user’s signature is stored in the Transferta entity, in your Document Template, you can add a Dataview pointed to this entity.  Then, inside of the dataview, add a table and inside of the table add a dynamic image viewer.  Configure the image viewer to use the Transferta entity and set all required properties.  Finally, in the microflow that uses the Document Template, you can pass in the signature object you want on the document (or you can use a microflow as a source for this dataview).

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The added signature image is totally get saved in the file documents but in order to show it on the UI you need a data view and can show it in the place where you want to and you can add CSS to beautify it


Hi Mike

can you please better explain how to configure the microflow?
Because for me is hard to call the image stored in Trasferta Entity. 
I put in copy how currently is set up the microflow.
Thanks in advance!