Load multiple CSVs using CSV Services module

Hello I am importing CSV files from Resources folder to load data at runtime. By using ‘Import CSV Resource Data’ JA I am successfully able to import the data. But, if I have 10 CSV files (10 different entities) that should be imported, is there a way to use only one ‘Import CSV Resource Data’  activity to import all the files instead of using like in below picture (calling the activity 10 times)? Because, if I create a new entity and want to load data, I again have to add one more activity calling that entity csv file and commit the code.This is again some manual work which I do not want to do. Is there a way, where, if I add a new entity and add its CSV file. it will automatically be read and update corresponding entity?   Or, Is there a way that I can use a single file (instead of 10 CSV files) to load the data which will be updating corresponding tables automatically? May be I can write custom Java but not sure about it.  My agenda is to automate the whole process.(am ok with point 1 or point 2) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
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Have a look at the flat file importer module(https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/429/Erwin-'t-Hoen/Flat-&-delimited-file-import) this will allow you to process multiple csv files easily.