In your Digital Execution manual you mention the 4Ps/3s framework. How do I know where we stand?

We’ve been setting up our Mendix CoE over the past 6 months or so, and we’ve been following the guidance in the Digital Execution Manual for that. But how do I know how far along we are with setting up the entire CoE, and what our focus areas for the upcoming period should be? Is there a ‘health check’ of sorts we can do?
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Hi Daniel,

Great to see that you have been using our Digital Execution Manual, and that you are setting up your own Mendix CoE!


We indeed have a ‘health check’ your company can do, to see how you score on our Digital Execution Practice 4Ps (Portfolio, People, Process, Platform). We call this check the Maturity Assessment, and you can find a light version of the Maturity Assessment on the Digital Execution page of our Mendix website:

However, seeing that you have already been working on your Mendix capability, I would recommend doing our full Maturity Assessment, which means that someone from the Mendix Digital Execution Practice team, or your Mendix Customer Success Manager (CSM) will sit with your organisation to really do a deep dive on the 4Ps, and provide you with guidance on how to further progress your Digital Transformation journey. 

If you are interested in taking this Maturity Assessment, just contact your Mendix CSM, and they will help organise it!