How do I get started with my Digital Transformation Journey with Mendix?

Hey All, I have heard about the Digital Transformation Journey, and our company is ready to get started with our Mendix implementation, but I want to make sure we do it the right way, Is there information you can share on how to get started?
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That’s great that you’re ready to get started. To kickstart your journey and help you sprint to scale, we’ve prepared a couple of resources:

  1. The Digital Execution Manual (link) – This manual shows you how to take your digital transformation strategy and implement a digital execution plan across your entire organization. It covers points such as the value and challenges of digital transformation, what digital execution is and what the 4Ps of digital transformation are.
  2. The Digital Execution Learning Path (link) – Here you’ll learn the steps of successful digital execution and the meaning of rapid application development maturity. In a series of videos, Arjo Van Oosten – VP Digital Execution – kicks off an in-depth discussion of Digital Execution success with Mendix.