Difference files from theme folder APK and normal Browser application

Hi there, I was placing files into the 'theme' folder of my project so I could easily set the filepath in HTML to them that I wanted to use (in particular audio files).  Testing these in browser (both phone and computer) has them working but the moment I make a hybrid online app (APK) from my application the files seem to disappear all together. Would anyone happen to know what happens to extra files you place in the theme folder when deploying as an APK file, like are they changed, deleted, ...? --------------------------Edit -------------------- As Wilfried Mulder says: use the phonegap.zip  found under dist and modify what you need in there, rezip and upload that. Don't try to repackage the whole thing again and upload that, that was my mistake. Thanks for the help!
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Hi Desiree, we used to play a sound.wav when the agent received a push notification on their mobile device. I remember that we copied these sounds into the phonegap package to be able to play them. In our example we created a folder called sounds in the www folder of the phonegap package and placed all .wav files in there.

The theme folder is accessible by the webapp using a web browser. The hybrid app has it's own web app or www root folder in the phonegap package itself. So my guess is that relative URL's point to the root of the phonegap package, instead of your web app root. hope this makes sense. See also this picture.