Problem on public cloud deployed app

I'm running a app on public cloud, and i experiencing a problem after login the app. The log of the app shows the following error: 16:04:03 APP INFO at 16:04:03 APP INFO at h ( 16:04:03 APP ERROR Client: Operator < not supported in expression <(, 316.53) Error: Operator < not supported in expression <(, 316.53) 16:04:03 APP INFO at Object.r.< ( 16:04:03 APP INFO at r.<= ( 16:04:03 APP INFO at e.evaluate ( 16:04:03 APP INFO at 16:04:03 APP INFO at 16:04:03 APP INFO at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) 16:04:03 APP INFO at h ( 16:04:03 APP INFO at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)   This error occurs only on cloud. When i run the app local, it works. Can anyone help me?
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Hi Rafael, 

i know it’s already two years now, but I ran into a similar problem and figured out that this happens when the ‘>’ or ‘<’ operators are used / evaluated on a non-decimal (or integer) value. Typically when an attribute is empty.