Cannot login to the app deployed to the free Mendix clould

I followed the Rapid developer course to build the sample app (Summerhill Hospital). I created few accounts for admin, keyuser and employee users via the front-end when running the app locally. I then successfully deployed/published to the free Mendix cloud. The issue is none of those accounts that I created could be logged in successfully (error message: The username or password you entered is incorrect). Also MsAdmin account does not work as well.   Has anyone successfully logged in after deploying to the free Mendix cloud? Any recommendations are appreciated. I am using version 9.24.0
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Hi Charles Law,

                           Once You published the app to cloud all the localhost data will be erased because it will be moved to cloud as a fresh app without any data snap. To cover this, turn on the anonymous login for administrator Publish and create the user’s again and then turn off the Anonymous login and publish again. I hope it will be useful, Let me Know if your issue was solved..


Hi Charles,


Adding to Gurumoorthy here, there is no need for enabling anonymous access. I ran into this problem as well, the quickest way is to go to your modeler, open up the demo users tab and then one of the enabled demo users. 



Click on “copy password to clipboard” and login using the stated demo user name and the copied password.