Stuck on Sign in page | On-Premise Windows Set up | IIS Configuration issue?

Dear all, I have a Windows Server 2019 VM and I’ve managed to deploy my test app on it with Mendix Service Console and everything as per Mendix documentation ( It works fine and I am able to sign in with MxAdmin if I just access via localhost:{port}. But I can’t seem to sign in with any account if I access the Website from IIS Manager as seen in the image below. I noticed that when I access via the website in IIS Manager, I am getting this in my Chrome Developer Console : Not sure if this is a tell-tale for my problem but just something that I found. I also realized this goes away after awhile i.e its like it auto-refreshes at some point and that error is no longer in the console. The main problem is each time I access the Website from IIS Manager and try to sign in, nothing happens and I always just end up back at the Login page. Its almost as if the login page just refreshes. If I enter wrong credentials here, it shows that the login failed in the logs for Mendix Service Console. The test app is on version 9.12.1. Below is my IIS version : Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you! Best Regards Kevin
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 I faced this issue before a long time ago.

From memory the problem for us was that IIS was set up for HTTPS instead of HTTP, which wouldn’t allow a user to log in.


Have you tried restarting the website on IIS side?