Conflicts in main.css and

Hi, We are working on 2 branch lines on 2 different functionalities. But when we are merging the code from 2nd branch line to the 1st one, we are always getting conflicsts on main.css and Even though we are working SCSS files in the branchlines. This is happening every time we merge the code. Can someone suggest for any solution on this.
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You are apparently also committing the css -directory. There is no need to do that since these get overwritten during the compilation at startup. I would expect the default svn-settings of a project to ignore *.css and *, but apparently you need to set this manualy. You can do this during a commit using Tortoise in your projectdirectory :

You might even benefit from a slight decrease of time that a commit takes.


Hi Laxman,

If you compile your changes in scss files then it gets compiled to your css files. So this is expected if you’re changing the scss files and compiling them too.

You can accept changes for one of the branch line and redo the changes of one branch line into another. 

Hope this helps!


EDIT – See Tim’s response. It’ll be much easier :)