m2ee Logging Subscriber

My customer need to collect log information of mendix app into this ELK system through LogStash. Mendix App is deployed in K8s, but thier log system is stand alone.  They can not collect log from log file in k8s. I checked the m2ee-tools config file. https://github.com/mendix/m2ee-tools/blob/develop/examples/full-documented-m2ee.yaml It give the example of log subscriber syslog  opon UDP.      Confirm with customer IT,   their can receive syslog but must upon TCP connection My questions: Can mendix syslog subscriber support TCP?  how to change? Besides syslog and file,  is there other subscriber?  Where can I found?
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You can write your own Java code to tap into the Mendix log messages. You could then pass on these messages to another system such as LogStash.

Have a look at registerLogSubscriber in the Core API for the code hook you’d need to tap into.