Change WSDL port on destination server

Hello Everyone, I’m using docker to deploy Mendix application to our DEV environment. During deployment we set application port to 8186 instead of 8080. Everything running fine, except wsdl – we have wsdl address set to wrong link with no port in the url. The same we have on ../ws-doc/ path – link is shown without port, only with default value as on the picture below. We need link to wsdl to contain 8186 port, or it doesn’t work. Please let me know where this can be configured? Maybe runtime value?
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I have a bit of experience with running Dockers in AWS and I assume you are using the mendix-docker-buildpack to create the Dockers. There are three components in our setup:

  • Load balancer (ELB)
  • nginx (in the Docker)
  • Mendix server (in the Docker)


I believe you never contact the Mendix server directly. At most, you contact nginx, which redirects the call to Mendix. You connect to nginx on port 443 (standard voor HTTPS). If you really need to alter the port, I believe you need to change the configuration of your load balancer and nginx.


Having said that, why would you need a specific port to connect to a SOAP service?