Google Authenticator key not working

Hi Team,                 Am technical contact of an application , I want to change the technical contact to some other user, who is the app contact. It asks for Google authentication but how to use it. I tried downloading the Google Authenticator. Scan barcode and Manual entry options are there. Am unable to use scan barcode, as no barcode available for scanning. In Manual entry , I entered mail id  and its asks for key (16 characters). what value I have to input for that field? Note: I gave some random characters for that and tried.. Some six digit number is generated. When I tried that code , its not allowing me to change.  Showing error always. Please guide me to rectify this error.  
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Hi Deepha,

Given that it already asks for your code you must have previously set-up the Google Authenticator for your Mx account. Maybe for an older phone? If you do not have your Mx account in your current phone's Google Authenticator app you will need to request Mx support at to reset the two-factor authentication for your account.

This is a simple support request so usually done within a few minutes to hours.

After that you may go through the setup again and you will be able to continue changing the technical contact.

Good luck,



You can follow the steps in this document,,%2Ddigit%20time%2Dbased%20code.