How to use page parameter of a data view in OQL (inside that page view)

Hi guys I am passing an Object to a page = the page parameter. Which is received by the data view. Inside the data view I have a report grid with an OQL Data source (which i later on want to replace with an DS_Microflow with the same OQL query in it, so that i can use list views with custom UI). Now my question is: How can I use the data view object ins OQL of the repord grid? In OQL specification of the report grid there is an area of parameters , whereby I can add objects with constraints, but seen i dont have the ID of the object I am not able to retrieve that specific object. Can I somehow use/get the variable into my oql specification?
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Hello Enzo,

I'm not 100% sure if this works but  you can try '[%CurrentObject%]', that works in XPaths so there is a chance it would work here. 

Otherwise I'd recommend using a java action, in java you could easily get it and either pass it back or run your query entirely in Java.

For example: Long identifier = obj.getMendixObject().getId().toLong(); 

Hope this helps


I solved it by using  a listview with a ds with an OQL activity, whereby the parameters of the page (and others) could be used in the OQL query. You need to get the GUID if you want to use it on ID attribute.