What is the correct way to ensure a Data View will be synced with the database?

I seem to have an issue that should not exist. A DataView has source to an entity (I tried both by microflow that retrieves the entity from database and with "context" option). This DataView does not get updated when the underlying entity does. I update the entity through a microflow that is executed every 1 minute. The microflow commits the object with options to Commit and Refresh in Client. (I tried every other combination too). The only way to make the DataView update is to either reload the page or add a button to Synchronize; which defies the purpose of the DataView -> I want it to show real time data. Has anyone encountered this problem, or can think of any solution? I checked with logs if the database entity gets updated, and it does.
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You could use the 'microflow timer' widget from the appstore in order update the dataview every x time.