Exporting local postgreSQL database in order to upload to cloud, which export options to use to create backup on local?

Hi all, We have database backup which needs to be edited in local, and than uploaded back to environment. We can not find right combination of settings in order to export backup from local postgres, which can be later uploaded to cloud environment. Once modified database backup and files are uploaded to environment,  environment cleaned up, restoring files fails with message: "Restoring database backup failed" We even tried uploading database without modification of data, only import to local postgres and export of .backup file. So problem is onle with .backup file, not modifications. Note that our environment is cloud v3. For importing we used steps from: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/howto/restore-backup-locally So problem is with which PGAdmin options to use in order to create backup. Or which console command and settings to use to import/export database. Did anybody managed to do this? Thank you  
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Hi igor, we have  apps running in V3, didnt notice such behavior.

I think to:
1) delete the old local db, make a new one -> restore locally ->modify content ->backup, try restore in cloud & and create a 2nd new local db based on this backup to see whether is running locally
2) if not, i would file a ticket to mendix about this cloud issue, may they know more
3) if modications are urgent, i would build in the logic/interface to modify in the cloud...if it is a cloud issue by mx, it would take time.


Maybe it's a version mismatch? Check that your version of Postgres locally matches the one in the cloud. You can see the exact version running in the cloud by starting your app and watching the logs.


Are you on the V4 cloud? I had this also last week but had not time to do a support request and I could work around the issue. So file a support request because there might be some bug in the V4 cloud in doing the restore.