Synchronize domain model with database

Hi, I have the following problem. I restored a database locally that has different tables names than the ones defined in the modeller. The reason for this is that I had to rename the name of a module. For example, in the modeller I have the table ImportBestanden.ImportZAB and in the database ScopeImport.ImportZAB. How can I synchronize the tables in the database with the domain model? A refresh of the database in PGADMIN did not work...    
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Do you need the data in the database you are trying to restore?  Did your existing database get corrupted?

If you absolutely need it, I would try the following:

  • create a branch of your project with the last commit before the module name change
  • create a database with the database backup that has the old names
  • change the name of the module in your branch
  • start the branch model so that the database names get updated
  • then you can try the new (with name updated) database in main line and see if it works

Hope that helps,



Dear Mike,

Thank you for the answer. I need the data in the database. I had to change the module name because I became more generic than the name originally suggested. I managed to synchronize the tables names in the domain model with the tables names in the database by adding a dummy table in the domain model and compiling the app again. This enforced the synchronization. I don't know of any option to do this another way.