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Hi all,  As part of my app  there is s structure report, and the user needs to specify where in the structure an object will sit. Currently there are two levels of structures, I won't bore you with my companies structure so we'll call them Director Level and Team Level There are 6 Directors, and each director has multiple Teams reporting to them. When adding an object the user will first select the director level and then conditional visibility will show them the dropdown with all that directors teams. The dropdowns get their data from ennumeration, one for Director Level and one for each team beneath the director. What I want to do is allow the user to run a report based on what dropdowns they select. So then can see what properties are assigned to what teams. I thought date grid would be the easiest way but there's no way to hide the dropdowns that won't be needed, if I select Director #1 I only want to see the teams for Director #1 not the others.  My other thought, is to have the dropdowns on a page and the user will click a button which calls a microflow and runs a report based on what dropdown options they have picked.  Does anyone have any advise on this?   EDIT: So now this has been expanded, to include 5 levels of reporting.  Level 1: CEO - we don't need this in there as there is only one person at this level so this will not be included.  Level 2: Directors - there are 9 people at this level.  Level 3: "Head ofs" Under each director there are between 2 and 8 "Head of" roles.  Level 4: Regional Managers: This is only needed for one of the Director Levels, the other 8 don't need go down this far. There are 11 level 4 managers spread over 3 level 4 managers.  Level 5: Area Managers: There are about 60 area manager spread over the 11 regional managers. This is as far down as the reporting needs to go. 
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The only viable option is to create a form and use a microflow to retrieve the information when using the enumerations as this will determine the visibility. Even when you set this up in entities and associate the director with the teams the form and microflow is the option to use as visibility of search fields based on selections is not possible currently in the platform.